Fish Tails 01/24/2023: Happy New Year Tail … Aloha Seafood


  • Not especially a 9ers fan, but in the words of the late Freddie Mercury — “Singin’ Weee Will, Weee Will, Brock You!!”  And in other important news, Pitchers & Catchers report in 22 days!  Now on to seafoodie stuff …
  • DUNGENESS CRABS — NorCal & Oregon now open, prices have settled waaaay down, have at ’em!  Significant drop on CRABMEAT pricing, as well!
  • Pretty nice price drop on AHI POKE CUBES, too! And FZN SKINLESS BLO (Blood-Line Out) AHI LOINS (2++, some would consider #1) are a heckuva deal!
  • Waters in Tomales Bay have tested clean — Pt. REYES OYSTERS are in stock again, (for the first time in 2023)!  Beausoleil still closed, but we’re offering other east-coast premiums: MALPEQUEs, BARACHOIS, PINK MOONs.
  • Seeing yet more price increases to Canadian ATLANTIC SALMON — global shortage of market-sized fish, no production from Pacific side of Canada (B.C.), so extra shipping costs to get Canadian Salmon from back east (hmmmm, that’s their “natural” home, anyway), and we don’t deal with Chilean Atl Sal.  ATL SAL are now right about the same price as ‘LOCH DUART’ SALMON are, and nearly closing the gap with ‘BIG GLORY BAY’ NZ KING SAL.
  • Hoping for some FRESH Black Cod sometime this week, FZN or Slacked BLACK COD until then … PERTALE … ROCK & TRUE COD … SoCAL HAL (we’re bringing in some NORDIC HAL next week) … BARRAMUNDI continues to be our ‘Bass’ option … AHI, SWORD, MAHI … HAMACHI FIL AND KANPACHI FIL … BRONZINI, DORADE … DRY-PACK SCALLOPS, IQF PERU BAY SCALLOPS … McFARLAND SPR. TROUT … SMK’D SALMON & SMK’D TROUT FIL … and lots More … 
  • Price List attached, possible updates should be on da’ website by tomorrow or Thurs…
  • OK, to answer your question, just not much of a football fan at all anymore, … but if the Silver & Black ever become relevant again …
  • In da’ Freezer:  8 Items in ‘Bristols’ “MY FISH DISH” line … VANA (#2-grade UNI) … IQF U/10 SCALLOPS & PERUVIAN BAY SCAL … SOFT-SHELL CRABS … CHILE-BASS COLLARS … “Spanish” OCTO & MAYAN/YUCUTAN OCTO … Blanched OCTO LEGS/TAKO (great Poke item, great deal) … HAMACHI FIL, HAMACHI COLLARS, ALBACORE LOINS … AHI POKE CUBES & AHI LOINS & AHI SAKU BLOCKS … CALAMARI T&T x 2 and ‘Town Dock’ RINGS & Tents … and much more
  • Really appreciate all the great feedback on our (exclusive) line of WILD, Environmentally Friendly (panga boats, day-trips), Mexican (Pacific side), fair-trade certified BLUE PRAWNS/SHRIMP, branded ‘Del Pacifico’.
  • Please eMail your orders (or inquiries) to orders@ — (if you reply to this eMail, only I will get it, and maybe not in a timely manner). EMails & Texts from you which are sent to any of our names (WesB, LloydD, KaiserN, WendyG, MikeC, me, etc) may get “lost” or not seen in a timely manner — IT’S MUCH PREFERRED (and better for you) IF YOU USE THE METHODS LISTED BELOW — And we’ll ALL see it. 
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.

Place your orders, or ask questions via the following methods, and please remember to include your Name & Address & Phone Number.

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