Fish Tails 11/15/2022: Happy Holidays … Aloha Seafood


  • Aloha Chefs!  Happy Holidays, here’s what’s new …
  • Let’s get this one out of the way first — There will NOT be any Fresh Local Dungeness Crabs for Thanksgiving … and for that matter, probably NONE for X-Mas & New Year either. The decision-makers are going to meet again on Nov 23rd, but the feeling is that Calif & Oregon won’t open until 2023. Again, there’s too many endangered whales that have the potential to get tangled in the gear … and yes, we’re still confused how “too many” and “endangered” can be in the same sentence.
  • DUNGENESS CrabMEAT is available, as are KING CRAB LEGS & CLAWS, plenty of SHRIMP/PRAWN options, SCALLOPS, CLAMS, MUSSELS, OYSTERS … and always an up-tick in Shucked OYSTERS (for turkey stuffing) this time of year — 10-oz Jars at $8.50.
  • Halibut season is winding down — We do have some LOCAL HAL (surprisingly), but NO AK Hal this week (so far), and SoCal Hal hasn’t been showing up lately at all.  PETRALE SOLE … SWORDFISH, AHI, TOMBO … Nice MAHI-MAHI … Beautiful BLACK COD, ROCK & TRUE COD too … BRONZINI … Bass = MEX’N RED GROUPER (BAQUETTA) & BARRAMUNDI … Lots More …
  • In da’ Freezer:  8 Items in ‘Bristols’ “MY FISH DISH” line … VANA (#2-grade UNI) … IQF U/10 SCALLOPS & PERUVIAN BAY SCAL … SOFT-SHELL CRABS … CHILE-BASS COLLARS … “Spanish” OCTO & MAYAN/YUCUTAN OCTO … Blanched OCTO LEGS/TAKO (great Poke item, great deal) … HAMACHI FIL, HAMACHI COLLARS, ALBACORE LOINS … AHI POKE CUBES & AHI LOINS & AHI SAKU BLOCKS … CALAMARI T&T x 2 and ‘Town Dock’ RINGS & Tents … and much more
  • Really appreciate all the great feedback on our (exclusive) line of WILD, Environmentally Friendly (panga boats, day-trips), Mexican (Pacific side), fair-trade certified BLUE PRAWNS/SHRIMP, branded ‘Del Pacifico’.
  • Please eMail your orders (or inquiries) to orders@ — (if you reply to this eMail, only I will get it, and maybe not in a timely manner). EMails & Texts from you which are sent to any of our names (WesB, LloydD, KaiserN, WendyG, MikeC, me, etc) may get “lost” or not seen in a timely manner — IT’S MUCH PREFERRED (and better for you) IF YOU USE THE METHODS LISTED BELOW — And we’ll ALL see it. 
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.

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