Fish Tails 9/15/21: Fish Tails — Aloha Seafood


  • Aloha! Not a lotta’ new & exciting news to report — just expecting an influx of orders from y’all right after you cash in your huge winnings on the low probability bets that you made on The GIANTS chances of making the 2021 playoffs!
  • This September opening for Local Wild King Salmon is a bust so far — windy conditions & no bite — methinks that the fish, which should be in their final weeks of fattening up before their journeys up the rivers to their spawning grounds, somehow sense that there are no rivers & creeks to go “home” to (due to the drought), so they’ll spend another year at sea doing what Salmon do.  Plenty of our Farm’d SALMON avail, incl CANADIAN ATL, “LOCH DUART” ATL, NZ KINGs x2, & “LOCH ETIVE” STEELHEAD.
  • Here’s one you’ll like: We are OUT of Fzn Hamachi Fillets, which were 5+ lbs each, so too big for a lotta’ ya’ to deal with anyway, … but we now have Fzn KAMPACHI Fil, also high-quality/sashimi-quality, only about 2.5# ea, and cheaper too! Try it, and send us your feedback.
  • Fresh MAHI-MAHI again this week … Fresh CKD OR SHRIMPMEAT coming in … AK & LOCAL HALIBUTNO True Cod, Maybe on BLACK COD, YES on ROCK & LING COD …  PETRALE SOLE … Our Bass this week is SNOOK (ROBALO) from Panama … BRONZINI … Fresh AHI may be a problem this week; But good on TOMBO, SWORDFISH, YELLOWTAIL JACK OYSTERS/CLAMS/MUSSELSDUNGENESS CRABMEAT, and two cheaper alternatives — BLUE CRAB BACKFIN-MEAT & FZN ROCK/JONAH CRABMEAT … A little more below, Updated & Attached Price-List, Let’s GO GI-Ants!
  • We also have the 10/20 size of HOKKAIDO DRY-PACK SCALLOPS available once again, joining our usual inventory of U/15s & U/10s.
  • Here’s the current status of our inventory of “Del Pacifico” MEX’N BLUE PRAWNS51/60 P&Ds; 31/40 P&Ds, now in 8-oz “retail-pack” units; and 21/25 P&D Tail-ON, 5# blocks.
  • In da’ Freezer: 8 items in Bristol’s “My Fish Dish” line … Also in da’ Freezer: SMOKED SALMON TRIMMINGS … VANA (#2-grade UNI) … SK-OFF & BLO SASHIMI-QUALITY ALBACORE LOINS … FRIES w/EYES (IQF LAKE SMELT) … IQF U/10 SCALLOPS & PERUVIAN BAY SCALLOPS … HAMACHI COLLARS-(KAMA) … CHILE-BASS COLLARS … IQF SARDINES … A screamin’ deal, and a Great Poke item is Blanched OCTO LEGS/TAKO … AHI POKE CUBES … “Asian” CALAMARI TUBES & TENTACLES … And … GIDNEY LOBSTER SPLITS are a North American (Canada, Maine) Lobster Chix, split in half, blanched, then Tail & Claw & Knuckle Meat removed, which is then stuffed back into the half-shell. About 5-oz net, then IVP (individually vacuum-packed). $36 per lb, so about $12 per each, which works out to be less than LIVE LOBSTERS, LOB TAILS, or LOBSTER-MEAT.
  • Reminder 1) It’s OK to include the eMail addresses that have one of our names in it, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE when eMailing/replying with us.
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.

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