Fish Tails 9/1/2021: Here’s What’s Up … Aloha Seafood


  • Aloha everyone — We’ll be CLOSED on Monday, Sept 6th for Labor Day, so load up Now for all of yer Holiday weekend needs!
  • Hopefully there’ll be some LOCAL CA KING SALMON available — the season re-opens today (and runs all thru Sept with no more closures), hoping we get some fish in by Fri or Sat for y’all.
  • And we’ll have FRESH UNI — the full trays (200-gm) for only $55.00!
  • Do you know why the bicycle couldn’t stand up? … … Because it was two tired.
  • MAHI MAHI is here for the first time in ??? (many) weeks!  FRESH COOKED OR SHRIMPMEAT due in!
  • We also have the 10/20 size of HOKKAIDO DRY-PACK SCALLOPS available once again, joining our usual inventory of U/15s & U/10s.  The FZN ROCK/JONAH CRABMEAT is a lot cheaper than DUNGENESS, and it’s back in stock once again!  Could be some BLUE CRABMEAT showing up real soon, too.
  • Here’s the current status of our inventory of “Del Pacifico” MEX’N BLUE PRAWNS51/60 P&Ds; 31/40 P&Ds, now in 8-oz “retail-pack” units; 21/25 P&D Tail-ON, 5# blocks; and just 1 case of U/12 HLSO (Headless Shell-On), 5# blocks.
  • And what did the Bass say when the judge let him go? … … “I’m off the hook!”
  • HALIBUT x 3 incl some real nice Local HAL  /  BASS x 4 = BAJA STRIPED BASS, NZ BLUENOSE, CORVINA, WHITE C-BASS  /  COD x 4 incl beee-you-tiful BLACK COD  /  PETRALE  /  SWORD  /  AHI & TOMBO  /  YELLOWTAIL JACK  / BRONZINI  /  Farm’s STEELHEAD, ATL SAL, & NZ KING SALMON  /  CLAMS & MUSSELS and a nice selection of OYSTERS  /  Lots More … 
  • In da’ Freezer: 8 items in Bristol’s “My Fish Dish” line … Also in da’ Freezer: SMOKED SALMON TRIMMINGS … VANA (#2-grade UNI) … SK-OFF & BLO SASHIMI-QUALITY ALBACORE LOINS … FZN PIKE FIL … FRIES w/EYES (IQF LAKE SMELT) … IQF U/10 SCALLOPS & PERUVIAN BAY SCAL … HAMACHI FIL & HAMACHI COLLARS-(KAMA) … CHILE-BASS COLLARS … IQF SARDINES … A screamin’ deal, and a Great Poke item is Blanched OCTO LEGS/TAKO … FZN AHI Products: POKE CUBES, SAKU BLOCKS, & Skin-OFF, BLO AHI LOINS, all with instability in availability & pricing … “Asian” CALAMARI TUBES & TENTACLES … And … GIDNEY LOBSTER SPLITS are a North American (Canada, Maine) Lobster Chix, split in half, blanched, then Tail & Claw & Knuckle Meat removed, which is then stuffed back into the half-shell. About 5-oz net, then IVP (individually vacuum-packed). $36 per lb, so about $12 per each, which works out to be less than LIVE LOBSTERS, LOB TAILS, or LOBSTER-MEAT.
  • Reminder 1) It’s OK to include the eMail addresses that have one of our names in it, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE when eMailing/replying with us.
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.

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