Fish Tails 8/24/21: Fish Tails!

Who’s ready for some “Tail”? Feelin’ pretty lazy today, so a simple copy & paste of the food-service version is what you’re getting, see below. And we’re still looking — if your husband or boyfriend or both of them are thinking about a job in the fish biz, tell ’em to give us a call!

  • There’s been a coupla’ inquiries already — Yes, Aloha Seafood will be CLOSED on Monday, Sept. 6th for Labor Day — that’s not this Monday, but rather the following Monday  — so load up on Fri/Sat for that holiday weekend. And let’s hope that there’ll be some Local King Salmon — next opening starts Sept 1st, runs all thru Sept. Currently NONE available as we’re in a closure period. Lotsa’ NZ “BIG GLORY BAY” KINGS to get you through.
  • More real nice BLACK COD and real nice LOCAL HALIBUT this week.  As is the case all over the world, not enough manpower to staff the processing facilities up north, so we’re getting a larger percentage of Whole PETRALE, which we cut here at our facility, compared to pre-cut Pet Fillet, with a price bump as well, so there you have it. AK HALIBUT is up too, could be because the Hake fishery (cheap Cod alternative, not popular here) is now open. SoCAL HAL also avail, also with another price hike. ROCK & LING & TRUE COD.
  • How ’bout a price dip? — anybody notice that ATL SALMON pricing has dropped a bit?
  • Keepin’ it sorta’ local — YELLOWTAIL JACK should be noticed by more of ya’ — versatile, firm & meaty, from SoCal/Baja, and it’s one of the cheapest Wild fillets that’s available.  The Local ALBACORE are still runnin’ too.  FRESH COOKED OR SHRIMPMEAT coming in on Thurs.
  • DUNGENESS CRABMEAT still at an all-time high, AND there may be some FROZEN ROCK/JONAH CRABMEAT real soon!!
  • And there should also be some U/15 Domestic Gulf White PRAWNS real soon too — 16/20s have been the Largest Shell-On Prawns that we’ve had since the depletion of all of our “Del Pacifico” Sh-On specs.  Still sitting on (hardly any) 31/40 “Del Pacifico” P&Ds, and plenty of their 51/60 P&Ds.
  • Availability of ever-increasing-in-popularity Frozen AHI Products are gonna be a problem real soon. Same ol’ Covid story — plant closures, labor shortages, backlog of containers in ports waiting to be unloaded, producers can’t book space on container ships, embargoes, etc. We’ll be completely out of SAKU BLOCKS within a week or sooner, and our POKE CUBES and our Skin-OFF, BLO AHI LOINS aren’t far behind.
  • “The Town Dock” brand of Calamari T&T may still be a month or more away from another appearance, but we do have “Yelin” T&T (Asian), both 3/5 & 5/8, and supply seems to be stabilizing lately.
  • AHI / TOMBO / SWORDFISH / CORVINA  / maybe some WHITE C-BASS too /  U/15 & U/10 HOKKAIDO DRY-PACK SCALLOPS (prices up again, imagine that!) / MUSSELS … OYSTER & CLAM situation seems to be improving, (but Aug & Sept are still months to be vigilant about Shellfish)
  • Looking for a heckuva deal? — the GIDNEY LOBSTER SPLITS are a North American (Canada, Maine) Lobster Chix, split in half, blanched, then Tail & Claw & Knuckle Meat removed, which is then stuffed back into the half-shell. About 5-oz net, then IVP (individually vacuum-packed). $33 per lb, so $10/12 per each, which works out to be less than LIVE LOBSTERS, LOB TAILS, or LOBSTER-MEAT.
  • 8 items in Bristol’s “My Fish Dish” line … Also in da’ Freezer: SMOKED SALMON TRIMMINGS … VANA (#2-grade UNI) … FZN PIKE FIL … FRIES w/EYES (IQF LAKE SMELT) … IQF U/10 SCALLOPS & PERUVIAN BAY SCAL … HAMACHI FIL & COLLARS-(KAMA) … CHILE-BASS COLLARS … IQF SARDINES … A screamin’ deal, and a Great Poke item — Blanched OCTO LEGS/TAKO … more
  • Reminder 1) It’s OK to include the eMail addresses that have one of our names in it, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE when eMailing/replying with us.
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.

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