Fish Tails 8/25/20


  • Aloha to all you new & not-so-new Home-Delivery Customers — One discussion point that came up recently has to do with COOL (Country of Origin Labeling), which is meant to be informative, but in fact is very misunderstood, because it’s very misleading and not informative. A classic example is Frozen Alaskan Cod, which may caught by a Vietnamese fisherman on a Portuguese-flagged boat out of Vancouver, B.C. (Canada), fishing in Alaskan (USA) waters, and unloading the catch onto a Chinese-owned factory-at-sea ship, who then processes the fish that’s featured in your McFish sandwiches … and AK Cod is considered a “Product of China”. We know that the fish aren’t required to show their passport when swimming across borders, but there’s never been an AK Cod anywhere near China. But what if this fish (or any other) is labelled “Product of USA?” — That too is very uninformative, as the USA could mean AK or Hawaii or Maine or Florida or Texas or Calif — all different waters, all different ecosystems.
  • WILD KING SALMON is a “Product of Local Waters”, and we have a few fish in da’ ice, with boats out, so hoping for more arriving this week … NZ’s ‘BIG GLORY BAY’ & ‘ORA-KING’ SALMON are available. More West Coast =  LOCAL ALBACORE!!  /  Pt.REYES OYSTERS are back in operation  /  PETRALE SOLE  /  ROCK, TRUE, LING, & BLACK COD  /  AK & LOCAL HAL  /  YELLOWTAIL JACK  /  MEX’N STRIPED BASS & WHITE C-BASS  /  CLAMS, MUSSELS, more OYSTERS  /  …
  • Add a box of Fresh Produce to your Seafood order! We’re partnering with C & L Produce, a highly reputable wholesale distributor out of Oakland, to bring a variety of fresh fruits & veggies into your home. This offering is as an add-on, and not a replacement for our $100-minimum seafood order. Click on the two new buttons.
  • Check out the click-buttons, and some re-“Tail” below …
  • NEW! (to you guys) — PERUVIAN BAY SCALLOPS — avail in 1# IQF units, a “Dry” Scallop like our others, smaller meat (60/80-ct) with a much smaller price!
  • Some of y’all asking about picking up your order, rather than getting a delivery to your door — Yes, that’s definitely an option that’s available to you now, because they’ve eased the restrictions to get on to Pier 45 since the Fire. Parking is still a fuster-cluck, but c’mon on down to pick-up your order, quintuple-park for a few minutes, check out our facility and the S.F seafood industry & culture. And we’ll waive the $100-minimum and the $10 service-fee.
  • We carry a few brands of SMOKED SALMON, all are ‘nova style’ (Lox), all are sliced (cater-cut), all are about 3 to 4# per side. Easy to break down into smaller units for yer freezer, then thaw ’em when you need ’em.
  • Some of your faves from da’ freezer —  HAMACHI COLLARS / KAMA (2+ lbs per pkg); HAMACHI FILLET (about 5-lbs ea); CHILEAN C-BASS COLLARS; FZN Cooked/Blanched OCTOPUS TENTACLES (TAKO) about 3# ea, from Hokkaido/Japan; ASIAN & SPANISH OCTOPUS; AHI POKE CUBES, SALMON POKE CUBES, MINCED/GROUND AHI, OYSTER SPRING-ROLLS; FZN ALBACORE LOINS, & Sk-Off & BLO FZN AHI LOINS; IQF SARDINES; Hot Special on 26/30 OG PRAWNS; Lots More …
  • PLEASE ALWAYS USE when emailing/replying with us. Always. And our website is
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.

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