Fish Tails 7/27/20


  •  Aloha to some more newly added seafood-eating folks on this list … and the Giants are right there with only 56 games left!
  • Here’s a little something that comes up pretty often with you home-delivery customers, so let me address it — When you order multiple varieties of Oysters, sometimes your choices include both Pt. Reyes Oysters and also “Miyagi” Oysters. When you say “miyagi”, we assume you’re asking for ‘Marin Miyagis’, because the word “miyagi” is part of its name. But actually, Almost All of Pacific Oysters are the same species, and almost all of our West Coast varieties are of that same species, originally introduced from Japan, and which is now common terminology to refer to them as “miyagis”. We may call ’em Fanny Bays or Totten Inlet or Little Skookum or Pickering Passage or Royal Miyagi (there’s that word again), or countless others, but they are ALL ‘miyagis’ (except for Kumamotos). And just so you know, ‘Marin Miyagi’ and ‘Pt. Reyes’ Oysters come from the same area, Tomales Bay, and their beds actually touch each other. Yes, you can actually reach out of one side of the boat and pull up some ‘Pt. Reyes’ Oysters, and on the other side of the boat is the ‘Marin Miyagi’ acreage. So if you’re looking for a different flavor profile with your multiple choices for oysters, you ain’t gonna get it with those two. Perhaps you’ve also heard of “Hog Island” Oysters? — We don’t (and can’t) sell them to you (that’s another story), but they are also the same oyster, from the same water, with the same taste, just a different name. Just recently, the price has gone up on ‘Marin Miyagi’ Oysters, compelling us to buy less from them, but not so on ‘Pt Reyes’, so we’re using more of them.  Bottom line, if you do order both varieties, you should probably expect us to “sub” some “TodaysBest” for you, or maybe some Aloha’sChoice”, which are real nice varieties with a slightly different taste profile than the ones from Tomales Bay, and they’re similarly priced.
  • That’s about it for today — Remember that WHITE C-BASS & YELLOWTAIL JACK & WILD KING SALMON pricing has dropped. Farm’d ATLANTIC SAL, too. Got some ONO in da’ ice. Don’t yet know about UNI for this week — maybe I’ll do another ‘Tail’ later this week to let ya’ know. Remember to use, please. Some re-‘Tail’ below, and click for Price-list, etc …
  • BRONZINI makes a nice whole-fish presentation for one, and if it’s for two or more, check out our HUACHINAGO (real Red Snappers from Baja) and our Frm’d STRIPED BASS.
  • More from da’ west coast:  PETRALE SOLE  /  ROCK, LING, TRUE, & BLACK COD  /  AK & LOCAL & SoCAL HALIBUT  /  SQUID
  • One of your faves, HAMACHI COLLARS (KAMA), is again available. And we’ve added a ‘new’ item — FZN Cooked/Blanched OCTOPUS TENTACLES (TAKO), about 3# ea, from Hokkaido/Japan. Appreciate your loyalty to CHILEAN C-BASS COLLARS & AHI POKE CUBES, SALMON POKE CUBES, FZN ALBACORE LOINS, & Sk-OFF & BLO FZN AHI LOINS.
  • “New”:  SALT SPRING Is. MUSSELS are a hybrid Mussel from B.C. that are large and plump and delicious and sustainably raised and are available once again after a yearly shutdown during their spawning cycle.
  • Still strong freezer inventory on:  MINCED/GROUND AHI  /  ASIAN & MEDIT. OCTOPUS  /  OYSTER SPRING ROLLS  /  26/30 & 16/20 OG PRAWNS  /  Lots More ~~~
  • Survey — How many of you would have an interest in receiving a box of produce which would be piggy-backed onto your seafood order? We’re collaborating with a reputable local Produce distributor, need to gauge the interest. Let us know!
  • PLEASE ALWAYS USE when emailing/replying with us. Always. And our website is
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.

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