Fish Tails 7/7/20


  • Hope y’all had an enjoyable 4th of July weekend — here’s what’s up for this week …
  • You may have noticed that the AHI POKE CUBES are a different brand now — same 1# units, slightly different “cut” – let us know how you like ’em!  Our next shipment of HAMACHI COLLARS / KAMA should be avail by Friday.  Plenty of CHILEAN C-BASS COLLARS for now, but you may wanna jump on ’em before all of us employees drain our inventory because they’re so dang yummy.  While we’re in da’ freezer, note that there’s still NO Fresh Tombo, so our FRZN Local ALBACORE LOINS (about 1# ea), or our FRZN AHI LOINS (Sk-OFF & BLO, about 5-7#ea) are popular options.
  • We’ve found another source for the 2# packs of SMOKED RED-Mt TROUT Fil — only difference seems to be that it’ll be “catch-weight”, meaning not necessarily exactly 2#, but pretty close. Available Now.
  • FRESH SQUID is in!  One big ol’ ONO is in.  CORVINA Bass price has dropped.  The season for Local Wild KING SALMON is closed for fishing for another week, so we Will soon Run Out of the 100#s that’s in da’ ice.
  • Can’t help ya’ tomorrow (Weds) with AK HALIBUT or PETRALE or TRUE COD, but all should be swimming in by Thursday. Hopefully.
  • Some edited re-‘Tail’ below, and an updated price-list attached.
  • “New”:  SALT SPRING Is. MUSSELS are a hybrid Mussel from B.C. that are large and plump and delicious and sustainably raised and are available once again after a yearly shutdown during their spawning cycle.
  • From distant shores:  Salmon x 4 = ‘BIG GLORY BAY’ & ‘ORA-KINGS’ from NZ, and ‘LOCH DUART’ ATL SAL & ‘LOCH ETIVE’ STEELHEAD/O.TROUT from Scotland  /  SWORDFISH  /  BRONZINI  /  AHI  /  ‘DRY-PACK’ SCALLOPS  /  … 
  • Still strong freezer inventory on:  MINCED/GROUND AHI  /  ASIAN & MEDIT. OCTOPUS  /  OYSTER SPRING ROLLS  /  26/30 & 16/20 OG PRAWNS  /  Lots More …
  • We’ve noticed (since the fire) that access on to Pier 45 is a lot easier, so if you wanna drop by to pick-up your order and say ‘hi’, just say so.
  • Survey — How many of you would have an interest in receiving a box of produce which would be piggy-backed onto your seafood order? We’re collaborating with a reputable local Produce distributor, need to gauge the interest. Let us know!
  • Gift Certificates are now available, $25 increments.
  • Hey, if you’re new to this Home-Delivery Issue of “Fish Tails”, (and there’s always a bunch of ya’ every week), this publication is meant to be an exhilarating and memorable newsletter about what’s up in the seafood world, with a bunch of buttons to click into Price-Lists, FAQs, etc. Some folks find the info to be very helpful, while others get good value by printing out a hard-copy, and using that to start their grill. Whatever floats yer boat. Also if you’re new (or not), we wanna express our gratitude & Mahalos!
  • PLEASE ALWAYS USE when emailing/replying with us. Always. And our website is
  • PLEASE forward this or share about us with your social network. We can feed a lotta’ mouths.
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.

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