Fish Tails 5/28/20


  • A memorable past few days —  If you didn’t already know what I look like (see video of our airborne anti-microbial system in the attachments), you prob’ly do now, along with a couple others of us. I did no less than 8 interviews, and had some air-time on several broadcasts, as we were here at work when the Pier 45 Fire started. With cel-phone videos of when it was the size of a campfire. We suffered NO injuries, and No damage to our facility, vehicles, and products. They’re now performing inspections and clean-ups to all of us seafood businesses that operate from the ‘unaffected’ sheds, but they still haven’t gotten to us. Demolition and clean-up of what was Shed C still needs to occur, and we don’t know if/how that’ll affect our day-to-day operations. And the darn thing is still smoking, the SFFD is still here, so there’s no time frame as to when clean-up can begin. Bottom line for us and you is that we lost one day of business (Saturday), and our apologies for messing up your Memorial Day menus, but we’ve been operating as usual since then, and will continue to do so, unless the Port Authority has other plans. So let us know what we can do for your seafood needs!
  • Like I mentioned, our products weren’t affected, so we’re not offering a “fire sale” on “Blackened” C-Bass, or “Char”, or “Black” Cod, or “Smoked” Salmon. But thanks for inquiring.
  • Hey, if you’re new to this ‘Fish Tails’ thing, or if not, there’s a lotta’ good info in the attachments to check out. And please always use when corresponding with us.
  • We expect to have WILD LOCAL KING SALMON for tomorrow, Sat, Mon, … Price remains crazy high.
  • Lookin’ good with AK HALIBUT and SoCAL HAL, YELLOWTAIL JACK, Frm’d STRIPED BASS, LING COD, and lots More!  Better OYSTER selection recently, but NO East Coast varieties avail this weekend. Also, NO Fresh ShrimpmeatNO Fresh Smelt, and NO Swordfish for this weekend.
  • We do have a couple more ‘Hot Specials’ — “Ocean Garden” Prawns (OG) — see da’ Price-List.
  • That’s it — some re-‘Tail’ below … Have a great weekend!
  • If you haven’t already responded to our survey, we’d like to encourage you to do so — This new process of Home Delivery Service has kept us so busy (lotsa’ Gratitude and Big Mahalos to You!), that we haven’t really taken the time for evaluation — that’s why We Need You. One of the click-buttons below is a questionnaire, where we’re asking you to Please Participate with your feedback, evaluations, and comments. And for you, a chance to win some swag.
  • Our website is finally functional enough for us to direct you to check it out. Still updating and working on it, but it’s a real useful source — !!
  • An FAQ lately, and it’s related to King Salmon, and we’ll get it added to our other FAQs — When removing the Pin-bones (PBO) from Farmed ATLANTIC SALMON, it’s done with a needle-nose pliers, and the bones are ‘flexible’ and pull out with very little effort. On the other hand, the Pin-bones in King Salmon require more tugging and maneuvering and they’re more ‘brittle’, so they tend to break, leaving pieces of bone still in the flesh, and you get something that looks like it went through a meat grinder. Definitely Not what we want to present to you, so we prefer to NOT PBO King Salmon. Once the fish is cooked, the bones just slide out very easily, and if you do miss one, they’re really too long and big to be much of a choking hazard.
  • Tip for the home chef: Wild King Salmon are much less ‘fatty’, much more ‘lean’ than are Farm’d Sal, so your cooking time will be less, with a much shorter window between done and over-done. Unlike Farm’d Salmon, it’s very easy to overcook Wild Sal. Hot & fast, maybe a bit ‘rare’ in the middle is ideal!
  • PLEASE ALWAYS INCLUDE in your correspondence with us — there are a few different eMail addresses that are responding to your inquiries, and when you just hit ‘reply’ (to Lloyd or Kaiser or whoever), then there’s too much potential that it’ll miss our order desk. Again, please include Mahalo!
  • PLEASE forward this or share about us with your social network. We can feed a lotta’ mouths.
  • Mahalo, it’s meaningful that you’re thinking of us, and we’re extremely grateful.
Place your orders, or ask questions via the following methods, and please remember to include your Name & Address & Phone Number.
1st preference — eMail your order to:
2nd choice — Text us at:    628-800-4324
3rd best – Call / Leave Message to our order-desk at:   415-441-4484
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