Fish Tails – 4/21/20

  • Aloha again chefs & purchasers … hope you’re all adjusting well, we’re here to help you however we can, so that we can keep the Aloha Seafood curve on an upwards trajectory.
  • Our Fresh inventory remains much the same as lately — Strong with 3 kinds of Halibut, AK, LOCAL, & SoCAL … Salmon = BC ATLANTICS and Premium ‘LOCH DUART’ Atl Sal, & ‘BIG GLORY BAY’ KING SAL from NZ, along with WA STEELHD & ‘LOCH ETIVE’ STEELHD … Cod: good on ROCK & LING & BLACK, with some TRUE COD in da’ mix … Yes on PETRALE, but it may get tight by later in da’ week … MEX’N PINK GROUPER & STRIPED BASS for da’ Basses … SWORDFISH & YELLOWTAIL JACK & AHI (possibly NO more Tombo this week) … SCALLOPS / SHELLFISH / CATFISH FIL / TROUT / a bunch more – you-know-da’-drill …
  • Freezer fulla’ stuff too — such as SPANISH OCTO;  and SQUID (Whole and T&T);  and AHI SAKU BLOCKS & LOINS & POKE CUBES & (Brand NEW): GROUND AHI (for burgers, makes a GREAT Tuna Salad, and even works for Poke I’ve heard); various sizes & specs of SHRIMP/PRAWNS;  and AK COD (same as True Cod).
  • Encouraging y’all to make sure that we’re not only covering the needs of your business, but also your family and your neighborhood. Take advantage of our Home Delivery Service, and spread da’ word! Remember to include your Name & Address & Phone Number.
  • Bear in mind that shipping & logistics continue to be uncertain, so everything is subject to ‘changes’.
  • Have a healthy week … Mahalo …

It’s very helpful to us if you use the methods listed below for ORDERING, rather than your rep’s personal cel-phone:
Text Line: 628-800-4324
Phone/Voice Mail: 415-441-4484
Online App:

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