Fish Tails – 4/14/20

  • Something different — We’ll have some FRESH SQUID coming in tomorrow!  And some TRUE COD Fil.
  • Hope everyone’s doin’ well — here’s what’s in da’ inventory:  COD x 4 = the aforementioned TRUE COD, plus ROCK & LING & BLACK COD … HAL x 3 = AK & SoCAL & LOCAL (H&L) … PETRALESWORD / AHI / TOMBO / YELLOWTAIL JACKST.BASS & MEX’N GROUPER … Lotta’ FARM’D ATL SAL & NZ KING SALMON & STEELHEADDRY-PACK SCALLOPS CATFISH & TROUT … OYSTERS / MUSSELS / CLAMS … More …
  • Encouraging y’all to make sure that we’re not only covering the needs of your business, but also your family and your neighborhood. With that in mind, (and because our website still being updated), the Price-List attached to this message is our “Home Delivery” Price List — so, for you food-service pros that are clients of Aloha Seafood, just look at it as a PRODUCT List, knowing that your pricing is less than those prices listed on the Home-Delivery Price List. You have our “OK”, please, to send it out to your social groups, or print out a few hundred and stuff ’em in some mailboxes in your area.
  • Freezer fulla’ stuff too — such as SPANISH OCTO, and SQUID (Whole and T&T), and AHI SAKU BLOCKS & LOINS & POKE CUBES, various sizes & specs of SHRIMP/PRAWNS, and AK COD (same as True Cod).
  • Bear in mind that shipping & logistics continue to be uncertain, so everything is subject to ‘changes’.
  • Stay well this week — remember, the Product/Price list is for your social network — it’s just a Product List for you …

Also, Full line of Seafood items available at wholesale pricing to you. $100.00 Minimum Order. Mix & Match what you want. Buy enough for a week or two – freeze now, thaw for later.  $10 service charge added per order. Cash is preferred, or Credit Card, please. We will deliver to your home. Aloha Seafood is a Wholesale Distribution Company to Fine Dining Restaurants & Hotels & Caterers & Markets in the Greater Bay Area. We operate under strict FDA HACCP, SSOP, and GMP for Food Safety Standards.
Place your orders, or ask questions via the following methods, and please remember to include your Name & Address & Phone Number.

1st preference — eMail your order to:
2nd choice — Text us at:    628-800-4324
3rd best – Call / Leave Message to our order-desk at:   415-441-4484

It’s very helpful to us if you use the methods listed below for ORDERING, rather than your rep’s personal cel-phone:
Text Line: 628-800-4324
Phone/Voice Mail: 415-441-4484
Online App:

Phone/Voice Mail: 415-441-1066

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