Fish Tails – 8/17/16



  • Aloha … A few things to mention – On the Local scene, we finally got in some LOCAL ALBACORE. Also some CA KING SALMON, and some Canadian KINGS, and we should be strong all week long … Maybe a little price-dip in the works?  And they’re baaack – Years ago, we carried a little/petite MANILA CLAM from Tomales Bay/Pt. Reyes, which one of our original partners dubbed ‘BABY TENDERS’ … We have ‘em again!!  Local HALIBUT are in, ALASKAN too, and NO SoCal Hal.
  • Keep your eye on rising AHI prices … Don’t really know the full story, but it seems like a lotta’ changes in the worldwide Ahi game lately, and pricing has been very volatile.  Also don’t know how long this’ll last, but we do expect pricing to settle in at higher than where it’s been.
  • We did receive some FZN ROCK SHRIMP today, and we still like to mention less expensive subs such as Florida PINK SHRIMP and 70/90 P&D’s, and CleanFish’s famous LAUGHING-BIRD SHRIMP, and the closest alternative to Rock Shrmp are LANGOUSTINE MEAT CLUSTERS.
  • ROCK & BLACK & TRUE & LING COD all week long.  PETRALE SOLE.
  • SCOTTISH SALMON are into a phase of not-very-large fish (only 11/13’s avail), and with the recent spike in price on the Scottish product (because of the shortage created with the collapse of the Chilean industry), y’all may as well be using LOCH DUART SALMON, the most recognized Farm’d Salmon in the world, and deservedly so.
  • LITTLE NECK CLAMS ought to be available again by tomorrow or Thurs.
  • The Frozen MAINE/CANADIAN ROCK CRABMEAT will be avail only in the 5-lb units for a while.


Please refrain from texting/calling our personal cell-phones to place an order. It’s much better to email orders or call the order desk at 415-441-4484.  The detailed email addresses are in the attachment, or just look on the ‘header’ of the price-list.  Mahalo for your consideration on this.


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