Fish Tails – 8/9/16


  • Hey, some real nice LOCALLY-caught Wild KING SALMON swam in. First time since June for da’ Local ones. The season has really been a bust all up and down the coast, so this is kinda special. We may get more later this week, but we don’t expect to be overloaded at any time from now ‘til the end. Price ain’t too outrageous, either. Take advantage of this opportunity!
  • Still can’t find any Local Albacore – it’s always a short season, but August and September are typically smokin’. Just ain’t happenin’ right now.
  • Speakin’ of not smokin’, it’s been 3 weeks, and really hasn’t been all that difficult.
  • NO Mahi, either. YES on YELLOWTAIL JACK and Frozen MAHI FILLETS.
  • ROCK SHRIMP – though we are getting some Fresh product in, there hasn’t been nearly enough product landed for the Frozen processors to gear up their machinery. Stay tuned, but this could develop into a severe shortage, with another price spike on both Fresh & Frozen Rock Shrmp. There are alternatives – 70/90-ct P&D SHRIMP and Florida PINK SHRIMP are about the same size, and significantly cheaper. Also, being that Rock Shrimp are actually a Lobster, we think that our LANGOUSTINE MEAT CLUSTERS would be a real wise choice.
  • SALT-SPRING Is. MUSSELS continue to have mechanical problems at the plant, so we’re getting cut waaay back on our deliveries. Expect PENN COVE and/or Taylor MEDs (WA) as ‘subs’.
  • PETRALE may be tight again this week, especially tomorrow, but Robi’s working on it. (He’s finding out that it ain’t all that easy being the new sheriff in town).
  • Don’t anticipate any Cod shortages this week like we had on Saturday … avail is ROCK & TRUE & BLACK & LING.
  • Fresh SQUID in da’ house, HUACHINANGO too, a Price-List up top, and some “Re-Tail” below …


  • Some pretty significant changes over here – Colin Lafrenz is retiring from the fish biz, and moving into dirt-based farming. Jude, our buyer for the last several years, is stepping into Colin’s position, and Robi becomes our new buyer. And welcome Lloyd Dizon coming in from off the floor to take over the opening responsibilities that Robi has handled like a pro.
  • For your pricing awareness – The Farmed Salmon industry over in the UK is now experiencing the same strain on their supply as the Canadian fishery felt when environmental conditions devastated the Chilean farms, putting a big void in worldwide supply. Prices are Up on our SCOTTISH SALMON, effective now. Here’s the good news – there ain’t much difference at all in price right now between the highly recognized (and richly deserved) “LOCH DUART” Salmon and any of the other Scottish labels. Furthermore, ‘Loch Duarts’ are growing out of the 6/9’s stage, as we’re seeing a lot more 9/11’s and even a few 11/13’s starting to come in.

Please refrain from texting/eMailing/calling our personal cel-phones to place an order. It’s much better to eMail orders to: orders_(your area), or call the order desk at 415-441-4484.  The detailed eMail addresses are in the attachment, or just look on the ‘header’ of the price-list.  Mahalo for your consideration on this.


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