Fish Tails – 8/3/16



  • OK, that wasn’t a vacation, but rather a hospitalization and recovery, so for both of you that have been wondering why no ‘Fish Tails’ lately, I’m baaack!
  • All of this during some pretty significant changes over here – Colin Lafrenz is retiring from the fish biz, and moving into dirt-based farming. Jude, our buyer for the last several years, is stepping into Colin’s position, and Robi becomes our new buyer. And welcome Lloyd Dizon coming in from off the floor to take over the opening responsibilities that Robi has handled like a pro.
  • Give me another minute or so to get my bearings straight, but here’s what we got so far –
  • Real rough start to the week up and down the coast – Only 10/20 AK HALIBUT for Weds, should have 20/40’s by Thurs. NO Wild King Sal yet, waiting for confirmation on some Canadian KINGS for Thursday maybe? Still NO Albacore, maybe some by Friday. Bass is tight, with some CORVINA expected in, but NO White C-Bass.
  • Water pump problems at SALT SPRING Is MUSSELS, so our next batch is delayed a day til Friday, which means none for Thursday. We’ll have PENN COVEs.
  • In good shape with: PETRALE SOLE / ROCK & TRUE & LING & BLACK COD.
  • This week’s spesh are gonna be SKOOKUMs … Prices up top … some old ReTail below …
  • For your pricing awareness – The Farmed Salmon industry over in the UK is now experiencing the same strain on their supply as the Canadian fishery felt when environmental conditions devastated the Chilean farms, putting a big void in worldwide supply. Prices are Up on our SCOTTISH SALMON (mostly ‘WesterRoss’ label recently), effective now. Here’s the good news – there ain’t much difference at all in price right now between the highly recognized (and richly deserved) “LOCH DUART” Salmon and any of the other Scottish labels. Furthermore, ‘Loch Duarts’ are growing out of the 6/9’s stage, as we’re seeing a lot more 9/11’s and even a few 11/13’s starting to come in.
  • More pricing – SWORDFISH, which tends to go through price fluctuations, is real pricey right now.  There is NO Mahi avail, and pricing has gone through the roof anyway, as it often does this time of year. We’ll probably opt to not participate for a while. YELLOWTAIL JACK, & HIRAMASA, could fill in nicely, and FZN MAHI FILLETS are a bargain and actually work real well, with no discernable difference in most applications.  Big demand back East for LOBSTERS around the 4th of July and summertime has them critters climbing up in price. LOBSTER-MEAT is up again too.



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